About Challenge the Future

Invent a €25K home!

We live in a fast changing environment. Technology is exponential and we haven’t even reached 1% of the possibilities technology will bring us. Challenge the Future aims to stimulate innovation to find these new possibilities in different markets. Challenge the Future believes that putting the brightest students together with the right partners brings about breakthroughs and solutions that once seemed unimaginable. Impossible.

Challenge the Future believes that you can change and achieve what you aim for. But you cannot do that alone. Without the right help, you will miss your target. Challenge the Future creates an environment where the right people are brought together so one can hit bulls-eye. JOIN us to challenge the future!

The construction industry can improve significantly. It can be better, faster and cheaper. The industry needs innovation and industrialization as a starting point to create more customer value. In the whole construction chain, the focus is too much on providing production capacity instead of focussing on the development of customer-oriented products. With this year’s challenge we want to radically disrupt this industry by building a home for just 25.000 euro. A home which will be a totally new, yet to invent product. As impossible as this may seem, this is the future of housing.


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